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  • Please let us know if you consider yourself an admirer, devotee, wannabe, need2be, BIID, or are disabled (PLEASE NOTE: Due to the scammers/fakers the admins will require proof of any disability claim). This information CANNOT be edited later.

  • Having a sponsor will drastically speed up your membership application. Please ask them their current screen name and which club they are referring you from (MaleCasters or XGuys). Being sponsored by a vetted member can speed up your application.
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    We are now including the basic rules of the XGuys Club board in the registration process to ensure that all members are aware of them before joining the board. You MUST reply to each rule in order for your account to register.
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    Due to recent applications by Ad Bots we require that all registrations reply to the registration key Email before we validate their accounts. If after 7 days you still have not responded to this Email your application will have to be deleted.
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    To avoid any possible wrongdoing XGuys restricts members to ONE account. Even if you think that your registration is taking too long DO NOT create a second account. Duplicate accounts at any point will result in BOTH accounts being deleted.
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    You understand that if you do not meet the posting requirement of ONE post every 30 days your account can, and probably will, be deleted as being inactive.
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    Xguys is an non-moderated board. Members are expected to post understanding that certain subjects are not acceptable, such as: anything related to underage subjects, any kind of discrimination, name calling, trolling, deliberate flaming, etc.
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    You understand that you may not post links of ANY kind directly linking to XGuys material; be it the registration page, posts, images, etc. to sites outside of XGuys and that there are NO exceptions to this rule. Violators can be deleted.
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    Any material that ORIGINATES on XGuys CANNOT be cross posted to other sites without the permission of the originator. Violation of this will result in account deletion and a permanent ban.
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    XGuys requires that all members have a valid, up to date, Email address for security reasons. If your Email address begins to bounce your account will be placed in a limited status for 30 days, if not updated by then the account will be deleted.

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