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 XGuys Core Sites

 Archives X-Guys

Owner - Xguy
Archive of LOTS of x-guy pix!

 Pierre’s Corner


The only dedicated forum to everything x-guy related!
Members create this site!

 Yahoo X-Guys

2004/ 1+

Owner - Xguy
Place to post pix!
Great pix posted to the Forum

Simply THE most beautiful ES amp pix in the world!

 Amputee Sites

 Amp Dudes Groups

2003/ 23+

Owner - David Fordham
A massive collection of amp pix across 23+ Groups!

 Male Foot Amps

2004/ 2+

Owner - Mike11471
Excellent Groups just into male foot/toe amps!


2003/ 1+

Owner - Star_knight75
Galleries of fantasy arm amputees.  See site below...

 Star_knight’s site

ES pix albums of handsome models, mostly arm amputees

 Dark Passions

2002/ 1+

Owner - carrefour_75
Hardcore Fantasy Amps site.

 Planet Arte

Site to purchase amp DVDs with some preview movies

 Male Amp Pix

2001/ 2+

Owner - tapioaust
Comprehensive albums of “older pix” of amp men.

 Male Devotee

2003/ 1+

Owner - sambanuk
Comprehensive albums of mainly amps, wc, braces etc.

 Stump Lane

2003/ 3+

Owner - amppretender
“Amputee pretenders, make yourselves at home”

 Beautiful Male Amputees

2004/ 1+

Owner - a35es
“A place to see beautiful males amputees”

 Amputees in Kneesocks

2002/ 1+

Owner - only_one_kneesock
“Devoted to those amputees who like wearing kneesocks”

 Secret Garden

Well established mainly fiction site, ES pix, forum/chat. Need to apply to join ‘The Club’


2002/ 1+

Owner - Lumach2002
For devotees of all x-guys!

 Amp’ Stump Pretender

2003/ 3+

Owner - amppretender
“Amputee pretenders, make yourselves at home”


German site with great pretenders pix and more

 Pretender City

Site for pretending amps, male & female.

 Amputee Bondage Love...

2000/ 1+

Owner - skorpyos
Hardcore Fantasy Amps site.

 Wheelchair Sites


2003/ 8+

Owner - fluppies2000
Great albums of ‘special guys’, mainly wc-guys, braces etc.

 Wheellover’s Place

2004/ 2+

Owner - wheellover1982
albums of mainly para wc-guys

 Gay Para Cams

2004/ 1+

Owner - jacksonjy
albums of mainly wc-guys, some amps, braces, etc.

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 Gay Wheeler

2004/ 1+

Owner - amp4futuretom
albums of mainly wc-guys, braces, etc.

 Men on Wheels

2003/ 5+

Owner - apara4me/parasrhot
Exclusively wc-guys
contributions needed for access to later sites.

 Wheelchair Feet

2004/ 1+

Owner - paraherc
albums of wc-guys with their beautiful bare and sock feet!

 Wheeler Pictures

1999/ 1+

Owner - not available
few albums of wc users - mixed gender.

 Brace / Calliper Sites

 Bill Hinkel’s Orthotorium

Simply the ‘daddy’ of all male brace sites on the web!

 Male Leg Braces

2002/ 1+

Owner - sfuller82
albums of guys in braces!

 Braceman’s Home Page

Lots of interesting braced guys and club feet, esp. the site owner’s own!  Apply only if you will actively participate!

 Callipers Galore

2004/ 1+

Guys in leg braces/callipers. Join, but please make a prompt contribution!

 Fantasy Leg Braces

The site for everything rec-braces! By the guy who makes ‘em!

 Leg Brace Fascination

Useful info for anyone fascinated by leg-braces/ callipers! Mainly fem site

 Misc. Ortho / Disability Sites


2002/ 1+

Owner - troyt.geo
Serious discussion not for devs.
For those who want or need to be an amputee.


Link to the site selling images of disabled athletes removed at owners request.

 BIID.org site

Everything you need to know about Body Integrity Identity Disorder, BIID...

 Hope for Integration

2003/ 1+

Owner - iansahope
Discussion only - integration of the disabled and their admirers.

 Mike’s Page

Mike is young, talented ES artist.  He will take private commissions to do work at very reasonable rates!

 Fighting It

2001/ 1+

Owner - danc19fr
NOT a site for devotees. Serious discussion about fighting BIID.

 Gimps Gone Wild

‘Models’ of disabled offering pix for sale.  Some guys.

 Amputee Wannabe Info

More useful info about BIID and voluntary amputation


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